Welcome to Maple MedPeds

 Dr's Aquino,Hartrich, Hrab, Heyden, Theirman and Riedy


Our group consists of 5 physicians who are all board certified in Internal Medicine and in Pediatrics. The group was founded on July 1,1987, by Drs. Nicholas J. Aquino and William M. Hartrich. It was the first group of its kind east of Rochester, NY.

Each Member of the group completed a 4 year dual residency program in combined internal medicine and pediatrics. Each member completed the residency program at the SUNY Buffalo School of Medicine, and each member hails from Western New York.

Our office will be closed on Wednesday, November 19, 2014 due to the severe weather. We plan on reopening tomorrow, and the on-call physician will be available for emergency calls. We do not want to risk anyone becoming stranded in severe weather.

If you do not hear from us by Friday, November 21st-please call to reschedule your appointments.

Thank you and stay safe out there